*You will be eligible to order a website for every 4 months of membership on the Nifty Thrifty plan and every 2 months of membership on the Rico Suave plan. You can initiate your website order on the 1st day of each 4th month of service for Nifty Thrifty and the 1st day of each 2nd month of service on Rico Suave.

**If you have monthly requirements that cannot be met using one of these membership plans, please contact us as we may be able to work out a retainer plan that works best with your needs.


?Do I have to be a member to order marketing services from you?
Nope, that is the best part! You can order websites, logos, flyers, business cards, and a host of other services on a per project basis if you only need something one time or do not require monthly services. We offer clients the choice of using the traditional custom quote method for ad hoc projects or offer our retainer services for clients with residual monthly marketing needs.
?Why do you offer a membership for retainer services?
We have found that some clients just need a marketing product produced one time, yet we have also found that some clients need residual marketing especially in times of expansion and growth. Rather than expanding their marketing department, it is cheaper to outsource this type of service. However, even bringing in one or two 1099 contractors can be a pain because they may not be able to perform all the types of marketing needed from print, to branding, to web, to video, to radio and more and usually require time tracking services for work performed.

So we offer membership to have our services on retainer without a per hour fee or per project fee. Just one monthly flat fee that is no more than 40% of a base salary of the staff persons required to do all the marketing we offer, and that also does not include the savings on a benefits package. The only thing you have to decide is what tier of membership your marketing needs fit into best!
?Will I be locked into a contract?
Not at all. The pricing is month to month, and the services are month to month. You can cancel at any time and you retain the right to use the marketing produced to your hearts desire, just no further work will be authorized once membership stops. You can even keep your websites! If you had websites produced, you would need to move them from our server to a hosting company of your choosing and be responsible for them moving forward.
?Are there any refunds or prorated services?
There will be no refunds or prorated services for monthly membership. This is due to the extremely discounted pricing already being provided on all marketing materials offered in each tier. There are no contracts, so you can cancel anytime within any given month of service. Your eligible products remain available to you until the end of that monthly calendar period.
?Who has copyright to the work produced?
All work produced remains the copyright of their respective authors, which includes Supreme Web Solutions LLC. This is not any different than if you ordered marketing on a custom quote ad hoc basis. You (the client) have license to use all works produced on your behalf perpetually in any fashion you choose unless specifically noted otherwise at the time of production. Items that may have special notes regarding usage rights may include but are not limited to music tracks, videos, etc.

Why do we bring up copyright in the first place? For starters, we want to be as transparent as possible, something that other marketing vendors do not practice very well. Another reason is because sometimes corporations think that anything produced is automatically theirs. In most cases this is true (especially if W-2 employed), but in some cases not so including when outsourcing services or an entire department. An example is with custom web development, Supreme Web Solutions as the vendor/author wants to retain the copyright to use a certain feature in the future with another client. This is an industry standard, but one that is not discussed that often.

If there is any particular item you would wish to retain exclusive copyright to then please contact us first prior to starting the order so it can be discussed and a solution can be arranged. Cases where this might be applicable is if you want us to produce a custom piece of code and wish it to be proprietary to your company.

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